About Sake Playing Cards

Learn through playing, enjoy through drinking.
The next generation of playing cards.
Sake playing cards are a fun way to learn about sake and its charms and can be played with others for a shared learning experience.

Playing cards are a game format familiar to people of all ages worldwide. The super-handy pocket size ensures you can always keep sake knowledge close to hand.

\ 6 Features /

1. 4 Themes

Explanations are kept concise to make them easy to digest and facts are grouped into themes by suit to make the information easy to organize.
♠ History and Culture
♥ Manufacture Process
♦ The Sake Types
♣ Sake Labels

2. 54 essential keywords

If you master these cards, you will understand sake!
One keyword on each card.
Sake has many complicated terminology, making it difficult to understand,
We organized it with keywords and catchphrases.

3. Intuitive illustrations

Rice, koji, and water—the ingredients of sake brought to life!?
Sake is challenging to decode, not only in terms of its terminology but also in its unique culture and tools. Illustrations on the cards present this information more intuitively with cartoon characters to bring the magical world of sake to life.

4. Expanded Online Learning

Take your study to the next level!
There simply isn’t enough space on one playing card to explain everything about each keyword, so each card comes with an additional webpage of information which can be accessed by scanning the QR code printed in the left corner of each card, enabling you to expand your learning, anywhere, anytime!

5. Pairing with Sake! Introducing Japanese appetizers

Each card features a Japanese prefecture introduced in the upper right corner. Furthermore, by scanning the QR code, you can also explore the local appetizers of each prefecture. When learning about the prefectures of Japan, be sure to familiarize yourself with Japanese appetizers as well! They can serve as a reference for choosing appetizers or add to the enjoyment of your travels. Let’s indulge in the regional appetizers of Japan along with a variety of Japanese sake nationwide.

6. Freedom to Play Anyway You Like

Sake Playing Cards can be played with the same rules as regular playing cards, or you can decide your own rules, and play how you like.

\Other Features/

・High Grade Cards
The cards are made of high grade material with three layers, the middle of which is colored blue to make them difficult to see through. The surface is specially processed with a hemp leaf pattern, a traditional Japanese pattern that is thought to ward off bad luck and evil spirits.

・Special Back Design
The back of the cards are printed with a pattern resembling a rice paddy. Many living creatures are hiding in the paddy. See if you can find them.

・Made in Japan
All stages of the process from conception to manufacture took place in Japan.

Product information

Product Name
Japanese Sake Playing Cards

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93 × 63 × 23 mm

Made in Japan
JAN Code: 4595123609026