What Sake Playing Cards Can Do

Sake Playing Cards are a deck of cards with the concept of “learn through playing, and enjoy through drinking”.
There are plenty of unique ways to play, learn, and have fun with Sake Playing Cards!
Purchase “Sake Playing Cards” and discover your own original ways to use them!

While Drinking

・Using playing cards to select sake

What sake should I drink?
Which prefecture should I explore?
What appetizer should I pair?

These cards will help you to answer all these questions. You can choose based on the keyword, and prefecture, of the card you flip over. Only Sake Playing Cards make choosing sake this much fun.

Recommend Ways to Play

・Games – Sevens

1.The person who becomes the dealer deals one card to each player in a clockwise direction. Anyone who has a 7 in their hand lays it down vertically in a column.
2.Starting from the player who laid down ♦7, each player in clockwise order plays one card at a time that follows the number sequence of the 7 on the table. You can start with the cards before and after the 7, such as the 6 or 8.
3.If you cannot play a card or if you cannot play your card to prevent your opponent from playing theirs, you can pass up to three times. If you pass for the fourth time, you lose. The loser places all their cards on the table. Keep the locations for the cards that have not been played yet empty.
4.The person who gets rid of all their cards first is the winner.

What you can do with Sake Playing Cards
You can learn while arranging the cards and gain more knowledge about sake by reviewing all the arranged cards.

Games – Jiji Nuki(Old Maid, Japan Version)

1.From the 52 cards, choose one card and draw it face down, placing it at the edge of the table. This card becomes the Jiji .
2.Distribute the remaining 51 cards one by one starting from the left.
3.Starting from the dealer, each player draws a card and discards any matching pairs. The rules are the same as Old Maid.
4.The person who runs out of cards first is the winner. The person left with one Jiji card at the end is the loser. The fun part is not knowing which card is the Jiji.

Special Rule
Choose one card as the Jiji from the Types of Sake 13 cards of Sake Playing Cards. Enjoy sake by drinking or buying the remaining Jiji sake with excitement! For example, if ♦7 is Sparkling Sake as the Jiji, order sparkling sake at a restaurant and toast with everyone!

・Explore World of Sake

Take a closer look at the back of the playing cards.
It’s filled with numerous creatures, tools, and hidden elements related to sake!
Q: How many can you find?

Even those who are knowledgeable about sake can enjoy looking closely and teaching their friends who are not familiar with sake!

・Explore Japan’s Prefectures

The upper right corner on the face of the cards displays different prefectures from Japan.
Different prefectures, sake brands, rice, yeast, and more. There are plenty of elements to play and learn with Sake Playing Cards!

For example…
Local Appetizer Quiz by Prefecture
Q: What is the local appetizer from the prefecture shown on the Sake Playing Card you flipped over?
Scan the QR code, you’ll find correct answers!
Let’s see how many appetizers can you know?

Sake Brand Quiz by Prefecture
Q: What is the sake brand or brewery name from the prefecture shown on the Sake Playing Card you flipped over?
If sake fans challenge each other, it’s guaranteed to be a lively and exciting discussion!
Research the correct answers and let more people know about these brands!

Drinking local sake and enjoying local appetizers together is undoubtedly delicious!

Please share your ideas with us! Interesting ideas will be featured on our website!