What is the Sake Playing Cards Production Committee?

The Sake Playing Cards Production Committee is a planning and development team for the Sake Playing Cards, with the theme of “learn through playing and enjoy through drinking” Japanese sake.

Japanese sake is a delicious alcoholic beverage that Japan takes pride in, but some people who are new to sake or beginners may have the impression that sake is “difficult to understand.” The Sake Playing Cards serve as a tool to change such perceptions of sake.

The Sake Playing Cards Production Committee aims to convey the charm of Japanese sake and Japanese culture to the world. The committee developed the Sake Playing Cards, which can be easily enjoyed and used to learn about the knowledge and charm of Japanese sake anytime, anywhere, with the goal of attracting new sake enthusiasts and nurturing both sake beginners and fans.

The features of Sake Playing Cards are as follows:

1.54 essential keywords
2.Intuitive illustrations
3. Simple explanations of Keywords
4. Expanded Online Learning
5. Learn more about Japan’s prefectures.
6.Freedom to play in various ways.

The cards are made of high grade material with three layers, the middle of which is colored blue to make them difficult to see through. The surface is specially processed with a hemp leaf pattern, a traditional Japanese pattern that is thought to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. Furthermore, the cards are designed to be easy to shuffle.
The planning and manufacturing of the Sake Playing Cards are all carried out domestically, representing a “MADE IN JAPAN” product.

The planned sales volume of the Sake Playing Cards is 10,000 units per year. In future product plans, the committee aims to contribute to the development of demand in the alcohol and regional tourism industries by developing multilingual playing cards and playing cards for other fields.


Sake Playing Cards Production Committee
CMOne Inc.
2F, 1-8-11 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023, Japan
Email: info@saketrump.com

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