Product Information

Product Name
Sake Playing Cards
JAN Code4595123609026
PriceOpen Price
Box Size93×63×23 mm
VendorCMOne Inc.
Game InformationNumber of Players: 1 or more
Target Age: Although “Drinking alcohol is only allowed from the age of 20” applies, Sake Playing Cards can be enjoyed by anyone.
ContentsTrump Cards: 54 cards (2 JOKER cards included)
Manufacturer Card: 1 card
*Card Size: 58×89mm
Product InformationSake Playing Cards is a card game that allows you to learn about the knowledge and charm of Japanese sake while playing cards, and share the knowledge and charm of Japanese sake with everyone while enjoying sake. Playing cards are familiar to people of all ages, countres. Sake Playing Cards is pocket-sized, allowing you to carry it with you at any time and easily explore the knowledge and charm of Japanese sake.

The features of Sake Playing Cards are as follows:
 1.54 essential keywords
 2.Intuitive illustrations
 3.Simple explanations of Keywords
 4.Expanded Online Learning
 5.Learn more about Japan’s prefectures.

We have also emphasized the card quality of Sake Playing Cards. We used high-quality card materials and the surface is specially processed with a hemp leaf pattern, a traditional Japanese pattern that is thought to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. Furthermore, the cards are designed to be easy to shuffle.

All stages of the process from conception to manufacture took place in Japan.